About Us

Virginia Web Design was founded in March 2001 by Randy Melton. Randy has been a web designer since 1996. He created his first web site www.virginiamusicflash.com as a labor of love; it is still up and running nearly 12 years later. Even though it hasn't been updated in years, it still ranks #1 on Google for the key phrase "virginia music" out of over 100,000 results.

Since creating that first site, Randy earned an associates degree in Web Design from Tidewater Community College and has created numerous sites; ecommerce sites has become his specialty. Learning to program with PHP as well as learning database techniques has given Randy the ability to create customized shopping carts that are flexible to every client's needs.

Randy's wife Rene Creasy, joined the "team" in 2003 after taking classes in Photoshop and Illustrator. She has been an excellent source for graphics, logos and web layout. Her background is more art oriented, she holds two associate degrees, one in marketing, the other in fine art in addition to a bachelor's degree in art studio from O.D.U. They have a great working relationship and their skills and work styles compliment each other.

They always strive for Optimum Search Engine placement for their web sites using SEO techniques which gives sites the opportunity to rank well on Goggle. Some of the more successful sites include www.virginiacarolinacontainers.com which ranks high for the key term "roll off containers". Out of 136,000 container sites, it currently ranks on the very first Google page. Also www.theatrcialmakeupsupplies.com ranks on page #1 of Google for the key phrase "theatrical makeup" out of 128,000 sites.

Creating a good looking site is only the start. Virginia Web Design creates sites that not only look good but rank high on the major search engines. VWD's motto is 'What good is a beautiful web site that can't be found!'